Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Picking the Right Canister Filter Media

Having a home aquarium system can be a relaxing and educational experience. It can help young children to learn about pet care and animal life. The gentle movement of the fish can also be relaxing to watch when you are stressed. You can choose many different fish species for an aquarium. The type of fish you decide to purchase will also affect the type of tank items and supplies you will need to get. There is a difference between saltwater fish and fresh water ones. The various species require different water temperatures in order to survive.

You may need to purchase a heater unit for your tank if the fish you choose are tropical species. You will also want a filtration system of some type to reduce the amount of bacteria in the tank. There are two basic styles of filter containers, the typical square style and the canister. The canister filter media will generally be the same as the better quality square canister types. There is generally a bio filter, which is not a unit you replace. It resembles coarse wire fibers and only needs to be rinsed off for cleaning.

The types of filter media will also include the basic filter unit that traps the debris and harmful chemicals. This unit does need to be replaced every few months. It is generally a softer looking sponge like filter and can usually be purchased at most pet stores that carry aquariums and fish supplies. You will notice the various filter systems come in different sizes for use with various sized aquariums. You should read the label to make sure it would provide adequate pumping and filtration for your particular aquarium.

You might also decide to purchase a hood with a light fixture for use with your tank. The special lighting effect will showcase your system when it is dark. You will find a few glow lights and fluorescent style lights available to create different kinds of lighting effects. There are also some styles that are designed to help inhibit the growth of algae and real plants you might have in the aquarium. By choosing the proper types of filters, lights and food for your system, you can help create a safer living environment for your fish. A well cared for aquarium system can help your fish live for several years for you and your family to enjoy.

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