Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canister filters are large external aquarium filters that are best suited for medium to large tanks.

They typically sit underneath the tank in its stand or cabinet and stand over a foot tall.  While specific operation and filtration materials vary depending on the make and model of the filter, they all operate in a similar manner.  Water is pulled in though a tube that’s been placed in the aquarium, the water is then pumped through a series of increasingly meticulous filtration mechanisms.  Each level of filtration sifts out larger and larger particulates until the water is clean enough to go back into the tank.  When the water is pumped back into the tank, where it can either be deposited directly from the outgoing tube, or the flow can be diffused using a spray bar.  The spray bar prevents introducing a current into a delicate aquarium environment.

If you want a filter that’s a cheaper filter, go with a Fluval canister filter, but if you’re thinking of going high end, you might want to look into an Eheim canister filter.  While the extra cost of the Eheim will tend to balance out with a longer life, a Fluval will get the job done and will last a long time as well.

Your external canister filter does not require frequent maintenance like an in-tank filter.  The maintenance on one of these filters is usually done every 4 months, though it’s not uncommon to find models that can go as long as a year without maintenance.

Canister filters are a model of efficiency because they physically push the water through the filtration system, where other systems passively allow the water to flow through them.  This is why canister filters are ideal for larger tanks; they get a lot more done.  These filters are also versatile in that you have a choice of what type of filtration is best suited for your tank, unlike other types of filters where you are stuck with their specific filters.

All in all a canister filter is a great choice for medium and large tanks, and will even work for your small tank if you’d like.  Their power and efficiency simply make them a great all around filter.


The most fascinating item for adding beautification to any room in your home is an aquarium tank. Aquariums have a soothing effect on your home living space, and often you can be found, for great amounts of time, watching the fish in the aquarium swim and play. Styles currently on the market for aquariums have been created to be beautiful pieces of furniture.

Often, people select the larger style, adding beauty to their main living or the family room areas. These stylish aquarium tanks can be placed into a cabinet type piece of furniture to achieve a professional designer look. The aquarium can be accommodated to house any type of fish; tropical, salt water, or even fresh water fish. Regardless of which tank you’ve chosen to use, it’s vital to have the correct filtration system, and hopefully this article will help you choose the best canister filter.

Eheim Are The Best Canister Filters

It’s no secret that Eheim canister filters are the top of the line when it comes to aquarium filtration. The high quality line of Eheim canister filters, have been carefully designed to work exceptionally well with these larger sized aquariums. They provide optimal filtration for the unit you’ve chosen and can operate almost silently.

The Eheim 2260 Canister Filter

The Eheim 2260 model is a very efficient, large capacity system with the best filtration media choices available. This deluxe filtration system accommodates aquariums up to a 400-gallon capacity, making it the perfect choice for those people who have the room size tank encompassing an entire wall.Being completely safe to use with both fresh water and salt-water fish, this is a unit specifically designed to be require limited maintenance, with the simple exception of replacing its filter when needed.

The Eheim 2213 Canister Filter

The Eheim 2213 canister filter is a great option for the larger sized home aquariums. The Eheim 2213 has become a great option for units that can contain 55 gallons of salt or fresh water. This model includes the hose, filters and its main unit. With the filter ready for installation and a 2-year operational guarantee, it is ready to be attached to your aquarium when it arrives. This large capacity filtration unit also means that it is not necessary to change the pad or the water in the tank so often. These units are intended to decrease the bacteria growth by reducing the variety and amounts of of of ammonia and nitrates.

You can get an Eheim canister filter in many different sizes and options to complete your personal aquarium requirements. Most units are intended to hang over the rear wall of the tank and then plugged into an electrical outlet. Using a pump unit or filtration system with your home aquarium and it is a good idea to have a drip loop connected to the cord before being plugged into the electrical outlet.

While all systems are inspected to prevent any leaks, it is possible and the drip loop prevents moisture at all from going into the electrical socket. An aquarium that is filtered well will give an environment to keep your fish healthy and happy fish for you to watch and enjoy.


Eheim 2215

The Eheim 2215 filter is an all around great canister filter. For Tanks up to 92 Gallons Filter Volume – 1.1 Gallon Pump Output – 164 gal/h Dimensions – 7.3″ diameter x 14.6″height 2 year warranty Eheim 2215 filter media This carries the legendary Eheim name, and with the included manual and filtratino media, setup [...]

Eheim 2217

Tanks to 160gal  264 gallons per hour Filter volume – 1.6 gallons Tubing 594 (5/8″) (16mm) in x 494 out (1/2″)(112mm) Includes fine, coarse, and carbon pads w/ ehfimech & ehfisubstrat Power consumption 20w Weight 14.5lbs The Eheim 2217 is in the Eheim Classic series which means it has a track record for being one [...]

Fluval FX5

for aquariums up to 400 gallons 924 gallons per hour Power – 120 v, 60 hz, 50 w 6 Foam filter blocks included The Fluval FX5 is the ultimate canister filter for your large saltwater or freshwater aquarium.  With a max capacity of 400 gallons, and the ability to filter at a rate of 924 [...]

Eheim 2213

Tanks to 55 gal. 116 gallons per hour. Filter volume 0.8gal. Tubing 494 in x 494 out (1/2″)(112mm). Includes fine, coarse, and carbon pads Power consumption 8w. Weight 8lbs The Eheim 2213 filter is the smallest of the classic series, but it can accommodate aquariums up to 55 gallons.  Being the smallest, it is also [...]